hearing for new Broad St. club

near Bell Funeral Home

Karen Hlynsky

To Elmwood Residents:

Bell Funeral Home has received notice that Jesus Tintin, the owner of Mi Sueno nightclub, is applying for a permit to open VIVIX Restaurant and Lounge with a 2:00 am (BV & BX licenses).  The club would be just one building away from a funeral home that serves the Southside.

Mr. Tintin’s events have long disturbed the lives of residents near Mi Sueno. I can only imagine what the effect of nightclub activities would be on a viewing of a loved one at Bell Funeral Home.  (See Doug Victor’s comments below.)

Please make your voice heard

by contacting City Hall Board of Licenses at


or by attending the Zoom meeting on Thursday, March 17 at 4:00

Zoom link:

Connect by phone: dial 877-853-5257 or 888-475-7799

Meeting ID: 820 6999 1453


We do not need another nightclub with a 2:00 am closing on Broad Street!!!!

Hello all,
I received a call from Christine Cardoza, owner of 571 Broad Street.  
There is a Board of Licenses meeting this Thursday, March 17 at 4:00 pm to approve both a restaurant BV and a 2:00 am BX licenses. 

It is reported that Mr. Jesus Tintin, owner of Mi Sueno, 1070 Broad Street is the applicant for this new license at the now closed Vivix Lounge located on the corner of Parkis Avenue at 549 Broad Street. 
There is a remarkable lack of parking at this site.   
Approval of this application is going in the wrong direction of Broad Street and for the Southside. 
How many nightclubs is our neighborhood able to absorb?
What is fair?
Who benefits?
For far too many nightclubs in the Southside have been allowed to operate to the detriment of neighborhood safety, not to speak about the right of residents to quiet enjoyment of their homes.  At too many of these clubs undue noise, unruly late night behaviors, traffic and a host of other associated problems occur on a weekly basis.   
If you recall 2 young men from Massachusetts were killed last August just one block north at El Fuego at 11 West Friendship Street.  Some have noted that out of staters have identified Broad Street as a go to place where anything goes.  
Read the story here:
El Fuego was emergency by the Board of Licenses for 72 hours:
Consider the impact these types of not-so-good neighbor nightclubs have on our late duty police force. The time they need to patrol and monitor the clubs, the less time our residential streets get the attention they need and deserve. 
Bell Funeral Home, located at 571 Broad Street, has been in our neighborhood for 90 years.  Such a long-standing service to our community deserves not to be impacted by nightclub activity.  According to Google Maps, Bell Street Funeral Home is only 184 feet from this potential nightclub.
Please say NO to this application and help our neighborhood to let others know. 
A 200 foot radius notice was sent out to those within. 
If you live 201 feet away, you are out of luck at receiving a notice. 
You can write a letter sent to Stephany Lopes at the Board of Licenses. Her e-mail is:
You can speak to this issue at the March 17 meeting, 4:00 pm at City Hall or by attending via Zoom.  See the instructions in attachment.
Thank you.
Doug Victor, Chair
Elmwood and South Providence Neighborhoods Crime Watch