The Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Rhode Island Sabina Matos

Honoring Rosa DeCastillo as a Local Community Heroe

On Saturday October 15th

in the State House of Rhode Island

A Ceremony Honoring Local Community Heroes

Who served the Hispanic Community During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Johanna Petrarca, served as the Master of Ceremony.

Lieutenant Governor Matos, could not attempted the event for health reasons.

10 Members of the Community of Rhode Island were Honor as Local Community Heroes

Rosa DeCastillo, Director of Community Affairs for the State of Rhode Island was one of them.


  1. Anonymous

    Waow!!!!! Heartily Congratulations 👏💖 to you Ms. Rosa. You deserve this honor. UAW of RI salutes you & rejoices with you and your family.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh Wow Sister Rosa. I wish I saw this before tonight’s meeting at Oasis. Okay Honoree Rosa. I am so proud of you Sister, God knows you deserve it. Thank you our Leaders for acknowledging this Woman. Live Long Sister Rosa – Live Long. We Salute 🫡 you Mam. 💝💐💃

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